Monday, March 21, 2011

It is time

Wow, here we are...two years since my last post and one child later! Sweet Lyla Jane was born July 28, 2010. She is precious...even if she is mine! She is the most content, chubby, bubbly baby I have ever been around. She has added so much to our family. She is adored by her big 4 year old brother. He told me the other day, "Mommy, I'm gonna marry Lyla". The love is mutual with Lyla. She looks for Jackson every morning when she wakes. Since Lyla has been born, I have been a stay at home mom pretty much. I see patients as soon as Mark gets home around 3:45, one or two days a week and work all day on Thursdays when the kids go for a visit with Beppie and Bo. The Lord has just worked things out...I am so undeserving. And so it is time...

Mark and I LOVE our family. We try to enjoy even the most non-eventful moments and non-picture taking times...knowing that God has blessed us beyond measure. About 2 years after we married Mark traveled to Honduras to Emmanuel orphanage to help with construction needs and spending time with the orphans. Of course, with his return home all kinds of questions came concerning adoption. We both agreed that this was a path that we knew we would want to take one day. Strange thing was that Honduras was not a country open to adoption. During the fall of 2009, I began teaching a Sunday school class on James 1 (specifically James 1:27)and Mark and I traveled with our friends (Tyson and Renee Griffin) to an adoption convention in Nashville. At that time, Tyson and Renee were awaiting the arrival of their precious daughter, Ren, from China. Once again, the Lord confirmed that adoption was definitely something that we were called to be apart of...then sweet Lyla came along. Sixteen months passed. During that time, the Lord continued to give me a desire in my heart to have another child...yet with that desire came direction from God...wait. On Monday, March 14, 2011(little did I know) Mark felt the Lord directing is time to look into adopting. Mark is coaching middle school baseball and had a game that night until late, so we didnt talk much. On that same day I had some friends that are in the interior decorating business come by and give me suggestions for new kitchen cabinet colors and curtains. In a still small voice I really didnt want to hear, the Lord said, "you should be saving some of that money for adopting". Tuesday, I took Jackson to the dentist and during a rare moment I was able to read a few chapters in a new book, "Waiting to see" by MaryBeth Chapman. They talk of their adoption processes. One of the chapters talks of a day when deciding on going to China, every person they encountered that day was Chinese. I prayed, "Lord, just give me some direction. I'm still waiting but please give us some direction". That night I watched the youtube video "Depraved Indifference". After sixteen months, I decided to look on Gladney, a large adoption agency website. I clicked on Costa Rica and under this heading were bold letters, "Honduras is now open for adoptions"! I was shocked. The next day I texted Mark and told him. That night we looked at the website and requested our first information packet, starting the process to adopt from Honduras. Emotions...fear, complete peace, anxiety, giddiness all in one. The next day we received a call from Gladney. The lady so sweetly explained to us that because Mark is on two meds for depression and ADHD (very low dosages that he has been on since a teenager), we were not qualified to adopt from Honduras and basically every other country, except Columbia and Bulgaria. We were Honduras. How was there such peace and direction like never before, all to be thrown in the air with this news. After much prayer and discussion...we have decided that this was God's way to open a door to our hearts. We know that it is time for us to be diligent in prayer on this subject and to allow our ears to yearn for the Lord's voice for direction...knowing he is taking us to a new place of faith. Please be in prayer for our family and our extended family with this decision."'Lord, when did we ever see you hungry and feed you? Or thirsty and give you something to drink?  Or a stranger and show you hospitality? Or naked and give you clothing? When did we ever see you sick or in prison and visit you?' And the King will say, ' I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it unto me!" Matthew 25:37-40

Friday, January 2, 2009

Life at the Becklers' over the past 6 months

I don't realy know how to do on the last 6 months...with the holidays and everything? (unfortunately I cannot get any of my pictures to save on the blog so you will just have to read...blah, blah, blah!)I guess to start we can talk about Jackson and how he is all boy. In November he fell off his 4-wheeler and broke his olecranon (the tip of the elbow). He was casted for about 5 weeks which made bath time so much more interesting. Thankfully he did not have to have surgery. The surgeon eventually removed the cast after Thanksgiving and said there were no restrictions. ( if you see the neon green cast in the pictures you will know.)

The holidays were spectacular! I can't remeber the last time I was so giddy! Jackson received a train set...which I totally knew he would love, which he did. For 20 minutes he would not say a word-just wanted to play with his train set. We ended up opening all of his other presents from HOHO!

Mark and I have also been very busy. Unfortunately since October we have been plagued by sickness( his first year teaching, he's bringing home all kinds of fun germs!haha), from two rounds of the stomach virus to Mark's bout with pneumonia to the most recent with me having all four of my impacted wisdom teeth removed. Things have definately been interesting. We have all learned much patience. It's a good thing I'm reading the "Love Dare" or things would have gotten ugly!ha!

Yet we have also been busy in wonderful ways. Mark just returned from WV with our youth on a snow ski trip. Wish I had pictures-he dosen't realize that he is approaching 30 and the black slopes should be left to the more agile! I've been enjoying some great time with the female side from our church. Myself and two of my closest girl friends teach the teen girls Sunday School. If you don't come in contact with teenagers please be in prayer for this group. It is unbelievable the lies that the world and Satan tempt them with. My heart is so burdened for these girls. I just pray for Spirit-led time with this awesome group! We also just returned from a couples retreat to Dahlonega-very moving. We made cardboard testimonies. If you don't know what that is go to youtube-it's a great idea for churches. The Lord is so good. We have grown so much in the past 6 months and He continues to give us a hunger for Him like we have never had before.

And lastly, we have a wonderful new addition to our family: John Clay Talley 7lb.12oz. on Jan. 14, 2009. Lesli, Jason, and Jase are all doing well. He is a good baby and Lesli has had a great recovery. What wonderful blessings!

Hope all of you are well. I hope to be up to speed with my blogging before too long. love you all!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fall 08

Can you believe this is my little one 2 whole years ago!
And now!!! Jackson turned 2 on Oct. 26th.
Isn't it amazing how they grow and change. He is such an amazing blessing. Here are some pictures from his birthday party.I think Charlie and Will enjoyed the cake!God has blessed us with such wonderful friends. And in return Jackson has been blessed with many young playmates. Many of you know that we are avid UGA fans and so every weekend we get together with a fun group of young families from church and let the kids play as the dawgs play.(kids including Mark-the big kid!)And then we had our Halloween fun...Jackson was a fly-fisherman-after his dad, uncle and grandaddies.and Jase was a UPS man-how hilarious is that!This has been the most beautiful fall. The Lord has blessed us with such amazing color with the leaves. It is such a fresh reminder of his love for us. We took some pics of the kids sitting on the dock at the lake house (Jase, Jackson, Evie)Many of you have asked about Mark and his first year in teaching. He is doing so well and the kids love him! It can be stressful at times, but the Lord contiually affirms to us that this is HIS plan. Here is his class on a field trip. (Mark is the kid in the middle!haha) We are all doing well. We have had a wonderful fall season with our family. Please be in prayer for our family as we said goodbye to my Papa on Nov. 15. He passed peacefully in his sleep. We will miss him, but we know that it is a blessing that he dosen't have to suffer and that we have hope in Jesus that we will see him again!
(Sept. 07)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to me.

Well, the inevitable has come. I turned 30 years old! So far so good. Mark took me to a great sushi/japanese restaurant on my actual birthday and then we enjoyed time with both sides of the fam on the weekends. We hung out at the lake with the Beckler family the weekend before my b-day (Labor day). They surprised me with a great trip to the aquarium. There is nothing better than seeing your little boy awed into to silence! ha! He loved it and I loved it that he loved it! What a great trip. (the sarts (sharks) and pilgwims (penguins)were his favorite.Jackson, Will and I in a shark cage.
There was the coolest butterfly exhibit where they had just released hundreds of live butterflies.Will, Bryan, Jaime, and CharlieThanks Beppie and Bo for a great day.Totally happy and exhausted from a couple of hours of fun. So to prove that I'm 30 and still cool, I decided to try wake boarding. Focus on the word TRY, because it will take me the whole year of 3-0 to be able to conquer this goal. HAHA. I really had a great birthday. The second weekend of my WEEKLONG celebration was at the lake with the Watkins side. CRAZY!!!
Jackson's first ride behind a boat. He loved it! Jase watching dad insanity inspiration...haha! loveya dad. You are definately still cool.
Just to catch up on my almost two year old...he loves hats, shoes and no certain order.

He also loves his new four-wheeler that his POP fixed up for him. He is so big!And lastly we are all still enjoying some great DAWG time each weekend with the football games and friends. Check out my new addition to my friends list on my blog. Definately cool!haha.
In conclusion, please keep Mark in your prayers. Due to low numbers of children at his school, the county has decided that Mark along with one other teacher must be transferred to a school in need across the county. This has been a difficult transfer for Mark-moving his entire classroom, moving to a school that is the middle of renovation with a room that has minimal air conditioing, and just trying to settle down into his first year of teaching. We know that God can work through this in fact God has provided and already used Mark in many ways. Also pray for his first class of kids at Tunnel Hill-they also miss Mark terribly and are having a tough time. Thanks so much and love you guys.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Winding Down.

Mr. Beckler has made it to 3rd grade!!! Yes, Mark started his first day as a Third grade school teacher at Tunnel Hill Elementary school. We have been exceptionally busy getting his classroom together (sorry for all those non-returned calls and emails!) Here is Mark's bulletin board that he created out of his own brain. How creative is he? We are so proud of him. He will do great, but continue to pray for him as he adjusts.His classroom. Good old dad (POP) helped us finish off the summer with a bang. He got us tickets to Lake Winnie amusement part. We absolutely had a blast a blast with the kids.

Riding Jackson's favorite...the choo choo!
Lesli, Jase and Jason
Nick, Evie and Stacy (I think the exhaust was getting to Nick)

Jackson will ride anything. I think he has a little dare devil in him...can't imagine that.

Jase and Evie.
Thanks Pop!
Here a few fun pictures from the summer with Jackson and the Roy gone wild or what!

And yes, it is that time again to get the hotdogs football season. Here is Jackson with Hairy dawg about a year ago.
Here is Jackson just seeing Hairy Dawg...totally freakin' out-the phases they go through.
We also got to see Spike. (acutally Jeremy Talley at a Bulldog meeting...totally cool!)